3 AC Repairs You Should Leave to Professionals

Tech taking care of AC repairs

While many people like to take the DIY approach to home repairs, certain things require a level of professional expertise. One common challenge people face is a poorly functioning air conditioner. Also, many people attempt to diagnose the issue and solve it themselves. However, there are some problems, including AC repairs, that you should leave to professionals.

1) Faulty AC Compressor

An air conditioning compressor enables the circulation of the liquid refrigerant that is necessary for both heat exchange and release through the evaporator coil. This crucial piece of hardware can be very difficult to repair without proper HVAC training and schooling. This part of an air conditioner is key in the multi-step process of cooling, and there are many intricacies involved in repairing it that are best left to professionals

Causes of air conditioning compressor failure include both high and low refrigerant levels, electrical circuiting issues, blockage in the coils of your AC unit, and outdoor contaminants. These problems can be detrimental to the functionality of your air conditioner and require immediate AC repair.  

2) AC Coolant Complications 

Another common dilemma that is best left to expert technicians concerns your air conditioner’s coolant liquid. Coolant, also known as refrigerant, is necessary for an air conditioner’s cooling process. Refrigerant leaks are the most common coolant difficulty and are a result of punctured holes within the unit. The leak itself may be somewhat easy to identify. However, it is best to leave the repair of punctured holes of your AC to technicians. 

Many refrigerants, especially those of older models, can be toxic, and disposal should be left to certified experts

3) AC Ductwork Not Functioning Properly

Ducts are passages throughout your home through which the air conditioning units provide and remove air. They deliver and dispose of many different air forms including supply air, return air, exhaust air, and ventilation air. There are many series of conduits that remove and deliver air, and without proper experience and schooling, you should not attempt to repair your air conditioning system. It’s best to consult with an expert and let them alleviate any issues you are currently experiencing with your ducts.

When To Call an HVAC Professional

If you’re experiencing difficulties with your air conditioner and need someone to repair your AC, there’s one thing to keep in mind: don’t try to solve any of these air conditioner problems yourself. We’re here to provide you with our expertise, and our trained HVAC technicians are certified to help you with your AC repair. If you’re experiencing any other air conditioning malfunctions, give us a call at (360) 571-5100.

Faulty air conditioning compressors, coolant leaks, and ductwork dilemmas are all difficult to solve. These malfunctions can be a challenge for someone without training or experience. If you currently have any of these specific troubles with your air conditioning, schedule a repair. Our specialists are happy to consult with you regarding the type of AC repair required. Reach out to Service Patriots’ specialists by calling  1-360-571-5100 and let us provide you with effective solutions.

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