3 Ways To Identify A Trustworthy AC Repair Company

Tech from an AC repair company fixing an AC

When it comes to repairing and maintaining the most important contributor to the comfort of your home, you shouldn’t trust just anyone. Many service companies have established a negative reputation over the years, which a new customer may not know. Others, like Service Patriots, have built a glowing reputation that stands as a testament to our 20 years of experience providing expertise regarding AC repairs. One thing is for sure when it comes to air conditioner repairs; trustworthiness is paramount.

How Do I Know If This AC Repair Company Is Right For Me?

Are you finding yourself asking this question after panning over a company’s site? Then, the answer is they may not be the right fit for you. The right company will work hard in expressing their value and expertise and remind you that any service should come with expeditious resolve and a smile. At Service Patriots, we’re proud to have a team of vetted experts who’ve helped thousands of homeowners with their AC repairs. We believe that all of our technicians should make every experience fun and memorable for the homeowner. We’re more than an AC repair company; we’re a part of the community.

How Do I Identify A Trustworthy AC Repair Company?

There are many ways to identify a trustworthy company. When it comes to letting someone into your home, you should trust and have faith in the person walking through your door. That’s why all HVAC technicians at Service Patriots are adequately vetted and undergo a rigorous interview process that determines whether or not they’re a good fit to both represent and work with our local communities.

1. Mission Statements

One of the most important ways to identify a trustworthy company, in general, is to look at its mission statement. A mission statement defines the “why” surrounding what a company does and whether or not they take any pride in their work. 

At Service Patriots, our mission statement is to bring comfort to your home, the very first piece of text you see when visiting our website. Our end goal is to make your home feel like the property you first fell in love with and chose to purchase. At Service Patriots, our customers are more than numbers; they’re people like us who want the best for everyone.

2. Reviews

Reviews are key in determining if a company is right for you, and Service Patriots reviews speak for themselves. Service Patriots customers rave about our service. Our reviews glow with the happiness and fulfillment of the community members whose expectations we have exceeded. We offer quality work guaranteed 100% of the time, and the results are 5-star reviews from every satisfied customer. If you’d like to know about the trustworthiness of any company, then check out their reviews.

3. Certifications

Certifications let you know just how reputable a company truly is and whether or not they’re certified to get the job done well. Service Patriots is partnered with Lennox to provide customers the best products on the market. In addition, Service Patriots employs certified North American Technician Excellence (NATE) technicians who show superior skill in installation, service, and maintenance procedures of HVAC products. Service Patriots is also IHP and York certified, making our team a powerhouse for HVAC systems. Certifications speak volumes about what a company can accomplish and what it will accomplish in the future. 

What Are You Waiting For?

If you have questions regarding your HVAC system or require immediate repair, don’t hesitate to contact Service Patriots today! One of our technicians is happy to come out, diagnose, and resolve your problems, all while proving to you why Service Patriots is the best choice for those who need someone to repair AC systems!

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