How AC Units Help Improve The Air Quality Of Your Home

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You’ve chosen to invest in an air conditioning system that provides you and your loved ones with comfort while relaxing indoors. It’s only right that you should reap the benefits of cleaner air as well. Not only do AC units keep your home cool in the sweltering months of late spring, summer, and early fall, they also improve indoor air quality! 

Thanks to AC air filters, your air quality indoors is better than ever. Poor air quality can lead to a variety of health problems. Therefore, your investment in your HVAC system should do more for you than keep the house cool; it should protect your health too!

Frequently Asked Questions

Many people are unaware of the effects that unclean air can have on their health. That’s why it’s essential to become knowledgeable in how your AC unit can protect your health. As well as to know how ACs can provide superior indoor air quality.

How Exactly Do AC Units Improve Air Quality?

AC units are an integral part of keeping your indoor air quality up to snuff. Filters and ductwork enable air filtration. Most importantly, air filtration prevents your home from being susceptible to factors that can impact your health, such as:

  • outdoor microorganisms
  • bacteria
  • dirt
  • allergens 

Some AC units utilize UV rays and numerous filters to provide homeowners certainty that their air is as clean as possible!

My Air Isn’t Already Clean? 

Whether you have an air conditioner or not, you’re susceptible to bacterial, viral, and fungal infections that result from inhaling unclean air. Those without air conditioners don’t benefit from AC air filters and ducts and could be breathing in polluted air that has been polluted. In addition, those without AC units experience higher spikes of humidity, making their indoor air quality low. Increased humidity is also a breeding ground for mold. Breathing in mold could result in Hypersensitivity Pneumonitis, a dangerous lung disease. 

Those with AC units should keep in mind that although an air conditioner does improve overall indoor air quality, there’s more to it than just owning an air conditioning system.

Is There Any Maintenance Needed To Ensure Indoor Air Quality?

You’re asking the right questions! Yes, maintenance is recommended periodically to ensure sufficient air quality indoors. More factors come into play when considering clean indoor air than simply changing your AC air filter every once in a while. 

Your ductwork is key to providing you with clean, cold, and crisp air. Ducts can become very dirty over time and experience wear and tear, just like anything you use regularly. To provide your home with the cleanest possible air quality indoors, periodically have your AC air filters changed and your ducts inspected. 

Supply ducts and return ducts are key in circulating and expelling clean air from your home. Having a technician come out to check on duct functionality once in a while is highly recommended to ensure a healthy indoor environment.

Have More Questions? Talk To An Expert!

At Service Patriots, our NATE-certified technicians specialize in offering good insight and expertise pertaining to AC services and repairs. If you have additional questions or require immediate maintenance, contact Service Patriots today for a consultation!

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