How to Prepare Your AC for Summer Use

While AC units are used year-round, the summer months are when they are really put to the test. If you are looking to beat the heat this summer, it is important to ensure your HVAC system is performing to the best of its ability. To make sure your unit is ready for the summer, it is important to follow these four easy steps.

Clean the Unit

It is important to clean the outside unit, known as the condenser. Your home will not get proper ventilation if there is debris in or around the condenser. The grille can be removed to make the cleaning process easier. Once the grille is removed, you can grab a hose and wash down the fins and other parts of the condenser. If you notice hosing the unit down did not remove all the debris from the coils, you will need to purchase a heavy duty cleanser. While you can do this yourself, it is best to call a professional. 

After cleaning out the unit, be sure to replace the grill (if removed). Once everything is put back together, you can straighten out the fins. The fins on the side of the unit can be bent easily and will prevent heat from dispersing properly. You will have to purchase a fin comb from a hardware store in order to straighten these fins. Again, while this can be done at home, setting up a maintenance appointment with one of our technicians will ensure everything is running smoothly.

Replace the Filter

Cleaning the condenser and replacing the filter(s) both help to solve the same issue. This issue is poor ventilation. Debris building up in any portion of the system will cause your house to feel warmer and lead to your system running less efficiently. One of the places debris builds up the fastest is in the filter. It is very important to replace all of your filters, whether you have one or multiple. It is necessary to do this regularly so that your air stays cold and clean as it enters your home. Find where your filter is (usually on the ceiling or floor) and remove it. Once you have the filter, you can put it up to a light and see how dirty it is. You can use a damp cloth to wipe off excess debris but it may be better to purchase a new one. There are many different filters you could choose from. If you have any questions on filter replacement or comparisons, feel free to give us a call.

Program the Thermostat

The last tip is to set up a schedule on your thermostat. While not as important as the other tips, this will lead to a more energy-efficient system. You can set it for a certain temperature for when you are home and a higher temperature when you know that you won’t be using the system, such as when you are at work. This way your system will not be running 24/7 but only when you need it to. Different thermostats have different ways to set a schedule but it should be fairly easy. Our technicians can help program your thermostat, maintain or repair your unit, and anything in between. 

Schedule a Maintenance

Preparing your unit for the summer is crucial to maintain comfortability in the hot weeks ahead. Doing this may seem daunting, this is where we come in. We know just how important it is to keep your HVAC system serviced and maintained. We are a family owned company that knows customer service and great service go hand in hand. Give us a call today.

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