Reasons Why Your AC is Not Keeping Your House as Cool as It Should

Tech checking why AC is not working properly

As summer temperatures rise, you’ve no doubt started turning on your home air conditioning again. And if your AC system isn’t doing its job, you’re starting to notice. 

Maybe you’ve already been frantically searching for “repair air conditioner” or “repairing air conditioner” on the internet. Or perhaps you just feel like your home isn’t the temperature you programmed into your AC system. 

The best way to repair your AC system is to have a professional technician do it for you. But in the meantime, here are a few reasons why your air conditioning might not be working as it should.

The Outdoor Unit Is Clogged

The AC is running, but your home still feels hot. If this sounds familiar, first check the outdoor unit of your air conditioning unit. Landscaping or debris may have lodged itself in your fan. Your fan then works harder than it should, making it less effective at keeping your home cool.

It could be that simply removing a branch or other debris from your AC unit fan will fix your problem. But if your outdoor unit has been clogged with dust, leaves, or other trash, scheduling a professional cleaning is your best bet.

You may also have to permanently alter any landscaping around the outdoor component of your air conditioning unit. Be sure to leave at least several feet between any branches and trees and your unit so this problem doesn’t repeat later. 

Your AC Unit Needs Maintenance 

Yes, this sounds like a pretty broad category. But think about it. If you get your car serviced regularly, your AC unit should be no different. 

AC units often don’t make noises or cause smells when they stop working. They just cease being effective. It could be that you’re low on one of the fluids that your system needs to run, like refrigerant. It could be that one of the mechanisms that makes your AC unit run, like the motor, is worn down. Your air ducts might be leaking, causing up to a third of your AC system’s cool air to be lost. Or you might simply need a new unit altogether.  

Either way, a professional technician can fix whatever is causing your unit not to work correctly. He or she can also assess where your system might have issues soon. In this way, a professional technician can also fix more problems with your system before they start. 

You Have the Wrong AC Unit for Your Home 

For a home AC system, size matters. A system that is too small won’t be able to cool your home properly, no matter how hard it works. If each room in your home is a drastically different temperature while the AC is running, it may be because your system isn’t big enough.

On the other hand, an air conditioning unit that is too big will cool your home quickly, then abruptly shut off. You’re soon left feeling cold and clammy–until your home gets too hot and your oversized AC unit starts running again, repeating the whole cycle.  

A professional will be able to determine whether your current air conditioning system is suitable for your home. If it’s not, he or she will be able to identify and install the correct one.

We know it’s stressful when your air conditioning system stops working, so don’t hesitate to call in the assistance you need. Soon enough, you’ll feel as cool as a cucumber. 

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