What Are the Causes Behind a Leaking Heat Pump?

Tech doing heat pump repairs on HVAC

Similar to an HVAC system, a heat pump is used to heat your home during cold temperatures and cool your home during the summer. Heat pumps are an excellent method for heating and cooling your home. However, over time, it is possible for leaks to develop within the pump. Unfortunately, such leaks can lead to an array of additional issues if not treated immediately. 

Fortunately, though, a cracked heat pump is a very common issue that HVAC techs can take care of. However, it is important that you contact your servicing company as soon as possible. By doing so, you’ll be able to administer any heat pump repairs and avoid further damage. There are several causes that contribute to leakage within this appliance, most of which homeowners can avoid with routine maintenance.

Drainage Issues

As a result of the normal functioning of your heat pump, condensation is produced and collected within a component set near the base of the pump called a drain pan. It is possible for the drain pan, as well as the drain line that dispenses condensation, to become clogged. At which point, the collected water spills over and pools around the bottom of the pump. Once the system detects that a leak is occurring, the heat pump will, more often than not, shut off. A technician will need to address and correct the leakage before the pump can resume working as usual.

Evaporator Coils

If the level of refrigerant in your heat pump is too low, then the evaporator coils, which are responsible for collecting and draining condensation into the drain pan, can freeze over time. Once the evaporator pumps have frozen, it is imperative to act quickly and seek the help of your technician, as the ice can melt and lead to water damage to the interior components of your heat pump. 

Furthermore, dirt in the evaporator coils —often, as a result of dirt and debris build-up— can cause leaks. Routine maintenance, however, can prevent both freezing and the build-up of debris from occurring to your heat pump.

Drain Pan Corrosion & Cracks

As previously mentioned, the drain pan is an important component of your heat pump, as it is responsible for collecting and draining all water produced by the system. Due to the constant presence of water in the drain pan, corrosion can build up over time and cause cracks along the base of the pan. If homeowners fail to notice the cracks on time, water can leak out of the pan and cause damage to the electrical components within the heat pump.

Routine Maintenance Prevents Leaks

If you own a heat pump for many years, signs of wear and tear will inevitably occur. However, with routine servicing and maintenance, it is possible to deter any major damages caused by leaks. Typically, heat pumps should get maintenance once a year to ensure that all components are in working order. Through routine maintenance, your technician will be able to check that refrigerant levels are stable, as well as discover and correct any cracks or other damages to the drain pan.

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