What Is Air Balancing? What Impact Does It Have on Your HVAC Unit?

tech checking is an air balancing procedure is necessary

In a properly functioning HVAC system, there are many components that must operate in sync in order to maintain healthy air balance. Many air conditioning systems are reliant on a series of ducts to transport, circulate, and expel air from the household. The most important role of these ducts is to ensure the appropriate distribution of air in every room in a home. The adjustment of an HVAC system for proper airflow delivery to each room is known as balancing of the system.

How Exactly Does One Balance An HVAC System?

Air balancing is only necessary for HVAC systems that utilize ductwork. Ducts are responsible for transporting air throughout your home, and the resistance to airflow is the only factor that determines how much air reaches each room. Air, like water, takes the shape of its container. When air exits the blower and travels through the ducts, it automatically follows down the path that offers the least resistance. Therefore, air balance as it relates to an HVAC system means properly managing this resistance in order to guide cool air in the desired direction.

How Do HVAC Systems Become Unbalanced?

Overtime, duct components are exposed to normal wear-and-tear and room setups change. This can cause an imbalance in your system. Typically, the dampers in your ducts may wear down or shift over time. Dampers take the form of a disc in circular ducts or adjustable flaps in square ducts. These dampers range from fully closed or fully open in regard to their levels of resistance. Furthermore, the dampers often require manipulation in order to adjust resistance. 

Deterioration in the ducts is often not the only contributor to an unbalanced airflow. Additional furniture that takes up considerable amounts of space and electronics that heat the area can also cause imbalance in airflow. When an HVAC system loses balance, extra energy is being utilized and the overall efficiency of your unit decreases. It’s imperative to fix this problem and restore proper air balance in order to avoid increased cost in electric bills.

How Often Do HVAC Systems Require Balancing?

Systems normally require balancing right after the installation. When qualified technicians conduct effective air balancing, this process won’t have to be repeated—unless one of the aforementioned scenarios presents itself. If one of these cases occurs, detecting it’s as easy as undergoing simple HVAC testing. To test air balance, simply read the temperatures of different rooms. Is there a difference in temperatures? This will indicate a problem with air balancing.

How Long Will It Take A Technician To Balance An HVAC System?

There is no definite period of time in which it will take a technician to ensure proper air balancing. This service is entirely dependent on the size of the home, the size of the system, the age of the unit and its components, and the complexity of the HVAC system. More often than not, two technicians will work simultaneously on air balancing. For instance, one technician will work on adjusting the fan while the other will perform readings in real time. Also, your technician should be able to give you an estimate regarding the duration of the balancing procedure after inspecting the system.

Do You Need Help With Air Balancing?

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