Why Does My Heater Keep Running?

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If your heater keeps running, even after you’ve turned it off, you may find yourself puzzled at sky-high energy bills before you even realize what’s going on. In this article, we’re covering some risks to be aware of, causes, and solutions for a heater that keeps running.

Risks of a Constantly Running Heater

Before we go over causes and solutions, be aware of the symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning. A broken furnace can allow carbon monoxide to enter the home’s indoor air supply.

If you or any of your loved ones are experiencing unusual head pain, chest pain, dizziness, fatigue, stomach upset, or confusion, it’s vital to evacuate and seek emergency services before troubleshooting your heating system.

If everybody is fine, no carbon monoxide alarms are going off, and yet still your heater won’t stop running, then you should be safe. Now, let’s talk about the most common causes of a constantly running heater and things that might fix it.

Causes of a Constantly Running Heater

When it comes to heating your house, is your furnace working overtime? This could be an important clue to figuring out what the best solution is.

Does Your Heater Run All The Time?

In the case of a heater running constantly but failing to adequately heat the house, the most likely culprit is a clogged air filter, which needs to be cleaned or replaced.

Air Temp Doesn’t Match Thermostat Setting?

On the other hand, if your heating system consistently exceeds its assigned room temperature, you probably have a faulty thermostat. Now is an excellent time to check on your thermostat or have a technician come out to take a look.

Is Your Furnace Noisy?

Here’s another potential clue: has your furnace been unusually talkative lately? A heater in disrepair could produce thumping, squeaking, or rattling noises. Such sounds often correspond to internal issues, such as ignition trouble and loose or worn parts.

A heater constantly running and making noises annoys you during the day and keeps you awake at night. Unless you happen to specialize in furnace repairs, the next step is to contact a professional HVAC technician for repairs.

Does Your Heater Have A Bad Smell?

Now, one final clue you may have noticed: has your overworking heater also been filling your house with a strange smell? A heater that runs nonstop is prone to overheating itself, which can lead to the burning of rubber or plastic components.

Fumes from the furnace can easily travel through your air ducts to pervade your home. Once you determine that the odor is coming from the air vents, the best thing to do is to call expert services to resolve this issue.

Is It Time To Get Help From An Expert?

At the risk of sounding repetitious, certified heating and cooling services exist for a reason: to homes as comfortable as possible for their inhabitants.

At Service Patriots, our experienced and professional technicians are available around the clock to support homeowners in the southern Washington and northern Oregon areas. They hold certifications from North American Technician Excellence (NATE) and can service heating systems of all brands and models.

Your furnace burns your hard-earned money to keep you and your family comfortable. You deserve to have your furnace run as efficiently, reliably, and safely as possible.

Call Service Patriots For Service You Can Trust

Even if nothing is wrong with your heating system at the moment, having an expert come in for an annual inspection and maintenance is a worthwhile investment. Our team will inspect your system’s blower motor, fans, air vents and ductwork, as well as check for air leaks.

We recommend having this done in warmer months, so you have warm air at the ready when winter arrives. After all, the best time to address an HVAC emergency is before it happens. When you need heating and air conditioning service, we hope you’ll turn to Service Patriots.

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