My AC Won’t Start or Turns Off!

Many times it is the outer fan that is causing issues leading to the overheating of the AC compressor and further causing the safety to trip. The fan more not be working effectively or may have stopped working altogether.

If you don’t get the proper air conditioning repairs, the compressor could get damaged too.

Your air conditioning system can have frozen coils. If this is the problem, it will not work effectively because the free flow of air and coolant will be affected. Even after you have had this issue repaired, make sure to take proper care of your unit.

It will involve replacing the filter regularly when using the unit during the summer. You will also have to clean it off any debris from time to time. In rare cases, the indoor coils could be frozen because the level of refrigerant has fallen.

If there is some problem with the wiring, it can cut off the power supply to the AC unit. This may also trip the circuit breaker. Faulty wiring could also increase the risk of fire.