Why Do I Need Coiling Cleaning?

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Why Do I Need Coiling Cleaning?

Make sure that the evaporator/condenser coils always remain clean. Otherwise, the dirt can hamper the ability of the coils in transferring heat. This can force the unit to work more, causing the consumption of more energy. This can not only increase the cost of operation, but it can also cause excess strain on the unit and increase the chance of HVAC repair.

Our clients ask a lot of questions regarding AC repair and heating repair. It’s the curse of being the best HVAC repair and service company in Washington & Northern Oregon. One of the most common questions asked is why to have AC coils cleaned.

If you have a working HVAC unit, you already know why regular preventive maintenance is important. When that system breaks, you’re at the mercy of the elements and pollution around you. Cleaning AC coils on HVAC units is a key step in preventative maintenance. Here’s why.

The Long and Short of Coil Cleaning

Everything in your house should be regularly cleaned. We focus so much on spring cleaning because it’s when things warm up enough to start opening windows, airing things out, and clearing debris from inside our homes. However, there’s no reason to wait until spring.

Cleaning reduces the amount of dirt and germs in the house. When dust and grime get on AC coils, they make your HVAC system work harder to generate heat or cold. This decreases the efficiency of your system and increases energy costs.

Even worse, if grime finds its way inside the coils, it can clog them, causing them to freeze and shut down the entire unit. Cleaning AC coils is preventive maintenance that keeps your HVAC unit running at its most optimal settings.

Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap

AC coils are small, but they perform a vital function in an HVAC unit. They let refrigerant travel quickly through a pressurized system that generates/dissipates heat. This is essentially what lets your HVAC unit create the heat or cold that controls the temperature in your house.

When these coils are dirty, the system uses more energy, parts wear out faster, and you’re at high risk for leaks. A refrigerant leak can freeze pipes and clog them, causing the system to shut down.

The coolant needs to be flowing free to prevent the HVAC’s engine and fan from stalling. If this happens, your thermostat will continue cycling the system to reach set temperatures. This one problem causes a snowball effect that dominoes through your entire home. It won’t be long before you’re seeing 10+ degree changes and find yourself in an emergency.

Prevent Emergencies in Advance

There’s nothing worse than being stuck in extreme heat or cold without climate control. When your HVAC unit breaks down, we can help with your emergency. You shouldn’t have to wait for an emergency to get professional maintenance.

Our professional technicians can provide regular service and maintenance on your entire HVAC system, including changing filters, fixing any leaks, and cleaning ductwork. This ensures all parts are working at their peak performance, providing you with the most efficient climate control possible.

HVAC is the most energy-hungry process in your home. If you’re environmentally conscious, keeping this system working as efficiently as possible is the biggest impact you can make.

Stop throwing money away on inefficient heating and cooling. Contact us today to schedule an appointment for a professional HVAC cleaning and service.

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