HVAC & Electrical Services

We Provide HVAC & Electrical Services for Residents of Southern Washington and Northern Oregon

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HVAC & Electrical Services

Service Patriots is to serve and satisfy our customers with their HVAC Services. To live up to your expectations, our technicians have not only gone through extensive training to become certified, but they’ve also been trained and taught to be courteous and respectful.

Our HVAC technicians receive continual training to improve their technical and customer service skills. Precision is an important part of the job. We ensure that each task we do is completed efficiently, and this is our number one priority. Here are our services:

Equipment and Procedure

Our establishment uses American–made, state-of-the-art tools and other equipment designed to reduce installation noise, and our process is tailored to match experience with efficiency. When hard-working citizens of this country entrust us to improve the air quality in their homes, we make sure that they’re getting all they pay for.

Our installation checklist is gone over twice for good measure, which significantly reduces the risk of human error.

Service Patriots is available for same-day AC and heating throughout the entire Washington & Northern Oregon region. Service Patriots can also be contacted at any time, 24/7, which includes holidays.

Air Conditioning

Whether you are looking for a repair, a seasonal tune-up, your system has stopped working, or you are looking to install a new AC system in your home we are dedicated to serving you! We specialize and our expertise is in residential HVAC. Check out our current promotions or click to call now to find out about our financing options, making it easier for you are your family to get the home comfort you deserve. Our air conditioning services include:

  • Repair: We will repair your AC unit promptly and efficiently.
  • Maintenance: We offer regular maintenance to increase the life cycle of your air conditioner.
  • Installation: If you need a new install or replacement of your AC, our service techs will provide you with a high-quality unit.


If your heating system needs repairs, Service Patriots is the company to call. Whether a furnace or a heat pump system, we offer top-quality heating installation, maintenance, and repair. Find out about zone control systems and programmable thermostats that can help save on utility bills and energy costs. Check out our current promotions here or click to call now to find out about our financing options, making it easier for you are your family to get the home comfort you deserve. Our heating services include:

  • Repair: Does your heating unit need repairing? We will fix it quickly and professionally.
  • Maintenance: Regular maintenance of your heater will help your unit get fewer repairs or need to be replaced.
  • Installation: If your heater is broken, our professional technicians will install a brand new high-quality HVAC unit.

Electrical Services

We use only the highest quality products and are fully licensed, bonded, and insured for your peace of mind. When you trust us with your Longview electrical or HVAC service, you will receive a guarantee on all work. Plus, you will get a thorough explanation of both the problem and the solution, along with honest, upfront pricing. We know that every customer is unique, so your job will be customized to fit your exact needs.

Attic Insulation

Efficient and effective air conditioning is definitely an important factor, but the specialists at Service Patriots know that there are many factors that contribute to the comfort of your home. Give us a call today to talk about insulation, attic abatement, air filtration, and duct cleaning.

Indoor Air Quality

Have you ever wondered how much of the dust we wipe from our shelves is entering your lungs and affecting your overall health?

Contaminants like dust mites and volatile organic compounds are nothing to mess around with, which is why Service Patriots provides complete indoor air quality services to keep families healthy.

Why Trust Us for Your Heating And Air Conditioning Services?

Our certified technicians provide heating and air conditioning services that are both reliable and trustworthy. If your HVAC unit needs repair, regular maintenance, or you need a new installation, we are here to help!

Our offices are located in Vancouver and Kelso, Washington, but we service all of Southern Washington and Northern Oregon!

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