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AC Maintenance

Your home should be a place of comfort and relaxation away from the heat of the outdoors. But if you are not keeping your AC unit maintained as it should be, you could endure miserable heat and humidity both inside and outside your home this summer. The maintenance of AC systems helps promote the lifespan of the unit. That’s why it is so important to schedule an annual AC maintenance appointment with the experts here at Service Patriots.

What Should Be Maintained On My HVAC System?

While there are air conditioner units in practically every home and business in the U.S., many people do not consider what all goes into how these systems work. If you don’t know much about your air conditioner system, it can be challenging to regularly determine what should be maintained. That can make it easy for homeowners and business owners to overlook the need for routine maintenance. By understanding what needs to be checked, cleaned, and maintained on your system, you can help ensure your AC unit will last for many years to come.

Keep the Exterior of the Unit Clean

Because your AC unit stays outside, it can be easy for dirt, dust, and other outdoor elements to get inside the unit. By clearing away dirt, debris, and grass from the outside of the unit or vacuuming debris using a soft brush or hose, you can help keep your AC unit running smoothly.

Flush Out the Drain Tube

The drain tube helps carry away condensation toward the unit’s drip pan. If this tube becomes clogged, it can cause your unit to work harder to force out cool air, leading to higher electricity bills as well as less cool air throughout your home. Our technicians can effectively flush out your drain tube to remove any debris or contaminants that may be stuck inside.

Keep the Cooling Fins Straightened

The fins of your air conditioner can become damaged or bent over time, which will cause your unit not to run as it should. One of our technicians can help straighten the cooling fins by applying pressure to them. That will help the air circulate more efficiently. You can also keep your cooling fins free from dirt and debris by cleaning them off with a water hose periodically between maintenance service appointments.

Clean and Assess All Areas of the AC Unit

Our technicians here at Service Patriots will make sure your system is running and prepared for the warm summer months. We will test, calibrate, and level your thermostat, and determine if you should upgrade to a programmable version. We can also measure the operating pressure of your unit’s coolant, perform a visual inspection of your condenser coils, and check for heater safety as well as air distribution to ensure everything works effectively.

Where to Find AC Maintenance Near Me

If you want to be sure your AC unit is working correctly before the beginning of the spring or summer season, get in touch with our team today for our AC Maintenance services. Our professional technicians have been trained on how to perform all the necessary tasks to keep your AC unit running smoothly.

At Service Patriots, we offer thorough maintenance, repairs, and installation for all types of HVAC systems. We are your one-stop-shop for maintenance on AC systems and will never attempt to sell you a product or service you don’t need. Get in touch with our team today to find out more about our AC maintenance services. We are happy to help you save money on your energy costs as you enjoy the comfort of cool air inside your home once again.

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